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Marking Ottawa’s pavements one at a time!

Drawing on 10+ years of extensive experience in road and line painting, A1 Carp Pavement Marking focuses on providing high-quality services for all your painting needs.

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Pavement Marking in Ottawa and Surroundings

Clearly visible pavement markings are keys to keeping our roads organized and you, the drivers and pedestrians, safe. In the Ottawa metro area, A1 Carp Pavement Marking is your reliable source for such services. Our staff delivers projects that are not only completed on time, but with a remarkable sense of professionalism for both our staff and clients. Within 15 km of Ottawa, we provide services in:

  • Pavement marking
  • Property maintenance
  • Line painting
  • Property maintenance
  • Sign installation

Parking Lot Signs and Property Maintenance

Traffic lanes and signs aren’t the only surfaces that require painting in our busy Canadian cities; various large private and public properties also need those services. At A1 Carp Pavement Marking, we cater to those specific needs and specialize in painting:

  • Pavement arrows
  • Curbs
  • Customized numbering and lettering
  • Disabled spaces
  • Pavement lettering and hatching
  • Road lines
  • Loading bays
  • Parking spaces
  • Road traffic signs
  • Walkways
  • Warehouses
  • White line crossings
  • New layouts
  • Black outs
  • Grinding
  • Signs

Parking Signs
Although line painting is our most successful activity, we also receive quite a few compliments about our parking sign painting services, which account for a good amount of work in the off-season. Not only do we apply paint on parking signs, but also signs designated for property maintenance that vary greatly in size and surface material. Call us to find out and we’ll have a chat!



  • Road traffic marking

  • Sign installation

  • Parking lot marking


  • White lining

  • Parking spaces

  • Disabled spaces

  • Customized lettering

  • Hatching

  • Sidewalk marking

  • Loading bays

  • Walkways

Service Area

  • City of Ottawa

  • Ottawa Surrounding Area



A1 Carp Pavement Marking

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